Wednesday, April 1, 2009

.it's time to read..

last 4 weeks, i bought a set of cecilia ahern's novel..i enjoy them a, i was reading the last novel and it feels great to finish read them all..the first book is a place called here and comes with nice pink colour..i agree the cover can attract people to read the novel itself.. although all cecilia ahern's novel full of fantasy and imagination but anything i possible when you read her novels..the first novel is kind like you believe that there is a place that all the lost thing go.. ever you wondered where all the thing that you lost go? it is interesting reading it because you will not feel worry because you thing do not lost but there are there somewhere and there are someone that take care of it although people missing gathered there..think of those it will be happy if things like that really happen in our life..

the second novel is called if you could see me now..another interesting novel when she told everyone by her novel that there are imaginary friends that invisible to others bt not for us..they played and laughed with us that will make other people think that we are crazy because they cannot see with whom we played then..

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