Wednesday, April 1, 2009

.it's time to read..

last 4 weeks, i bought a set of cecilia ahern's novel..i enjoy them a, i was reading the last novel and it feels great to finish read them all..the first book is a place called here and comes with nice pink colour..i agree the cover can attract people to read the novel itself.. although all cecilia ahern's novel full of fantasy and imagination but anything i possible when you read her novels..the first novel is kind like you believe that there is a place that all the lost thing go.. ever you wondered where all the thing that you lost go? it is interesting reading it because you will not feel worry because you thing do not lost but there are there somewhere and there are someone that take care of it although people missing gathered there..think of those it will be happy if things like that really happen in our life..

the second novel is called if you could see me now..another interesting novel when she told everyone by her novel that there are imaginary friends that invisible to others bt not for us..they played and laughed with us that will make other people think that we are crazy because they cannot see with whom we played then..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

..Self Improvement - Motivating Yourself..

If you are having trouble keeping motivated towards your goal, try some of these methods to help you get back on track.

Small goals - Always break down your specific goal into smaller, more easily obtained goals. These, put together, will bring you to your main goal. Smaller goals will help you feel a sense of achievement and renew your motivation towards your major goal. Celebrate each achievement.

Calendar - Keep a calendar specifically for the purpose of your self-improvement goal. Mark all important dates in your calendar, such as any milestone dates towards your goal. Use a pocket-sized calendar that you can carry with so you will always be able to look at it. Refer to it every chance you get, such as when you are waiting in line, when you are waiting for a doctor's appointment or when you are taking public transportation.

Rewards - Think of a reward that you will give yourself once you complete your goal. For instance, if there is a particular clothing or accessory item you want make it a reward. Once you reach your goal you can reward yourself with the item. The reward can be anything that you want. It may be a trip, a book, a day at the spa or anything else you deem as a reward. Research has shown that rewards work much better than punishments, even on ourselves.

Affirmations - Give yourself plenty of positive reinforcements in the way of affirmations. Tell yourself that you can do it. Nothing goes further towards helping up achieve our goals than positive thinking.

Reminders - Make sure to leave yourself plenty of positive reminders about your goals. These should help keep you motivated, especially during times of stress. A reminder can be as simple as a sticky note left in a strategic place or a pop-up calendar reminder on your computer. Keep the message simple and positive.

Coach - A coach may give those who need it that extra push. Coaches are available for all types of goals. If you have specific diet goals a nutritionist can be your coach. For exercise goals you may use a personal trainer. A life coach is available to help with all sorts of personal improvement goals.

Support Team - You can create your own support team for your specific goal. Use family members or friends to help you stay on track towards your goals. Let them give you reminders and encouragement towards your personal goal. Make sure you choose positive people to help you. If you have negative people on the team they won't be any help in you reaching your goal and may actually hinder you.

Monday, February 2, 2009

..why do people buy perfumes??..

Fragrance can cause happiness, sadness, comfort, love, and more. When you are a child, you may not be aware that your mind can remember scents and fragrances.

You may have played outside one day on the first warm day of spring and you remember the colorful Daffodils that had bloomed and the Lilacs in the yard and how well it smelled.

When you got older and you smelled Lilacs it made you feel happy inside. Fragrance is everywhere and we can remember things from our past by just smelling something that was there at that time.

It doesn't have to be flowers it could be your dad's cologne or your mom's perfume. Perfume has been around for a very long time and will continue to be around.

People buy perfume for several reasons but basically it is because of the way that it makes them feel. They may feel like they can do anything when they wear a certain perfume.

Perfume can set your mood for the day, it can boost your self esteem and it can allow you to feel good about yourself; you look good and you feel good.

You may want to wear perfume because your significant other likes to smell a certain fragrance on you. You are also less self-conscious when you wear perfumes. For others, smelling perfume may bring a bad memory to mind that they didn't want to remember.

The reason you have for wearing perfume is going to be different from everyone else. Perfume is a personal preference.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 siblngs can affect your relationship..

By "sibling rivalry" we mean the antagonism or hostility between brothers and/or sisters which manifests itself in family fights (pulling of the sibling's hair or with the unwillingness to share a toy, and which try the patience of parents all over the world) to much more serious cases such as the permanent enmity between adult siblings because one is successful and the other is not.

Nature offers us many examples for sibling rivalry. The problem is basically one of competition for limited resources. Sharing creates the problem. Parents get exasperated and don't know what to do.

TIME, ATTENTION and LOVE is what parents need to give to each of their children. Simply simply looking at most families' photo albums you can see that this is indeed the case. Looking through these albums, one can see that there are usually many pictures of the birth and first year of their first-born child. For the second child, there are fewer pictures. And, from the third child on, one may have a hard time finding pictures of them in the album - it's as if they didn't even exist! This is because parents are thrilled when the first child is born. Their enthusiasm reduces afterwards. This has an enormous impact on that child and his or her later life. It is a common observation that, in most families, it is usually the first-born that has the greatest "success" in later and adult life. This jealousy and enmity continues later also and comparison kills the relationship. Counseling and therapy sessions can remove the jealousy from the siblings mind and let them lead a happy and wonderful life.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Academic Motivation for a Higher GPA Score

Students today are realizing the need to have academic motivation in order to succeed in school. One of the most important things for college and high school students is the key to raising their GPA. This is the motivating factor that probably keeps them in school.

To achieve academic motivation, a student needs to be able to keep their attention focused on the GPA goal that they have created for themselves. To maintain your academic motivation for a higher GPA requires certain disciplined actions that you must take. Below are some of the things you must do:

Make sure you attend all your classes

Pay attention and take notes

Do a weekly review of your notes and goals

Make appointments with instructor to go over your progress or to ask any questions

Find people who have academic motivation and emulate them. Ask for their assistance if possible.

Avoid too much parties or late-nighters

Academic motivation can also be received from parents, family members, friends and people who have your best interest at heart or who mean you well and want you to succeed in life. For the most part though, it is your decision to succeed that will enable you to increase your GPA scores.

Assuming responsibility

The opposite is true that if you don’t attend classes regularly, you won’t reach your GPA goal. So get your priorities straight and get to class early. Sit in the front row if at all possible so that you can be more attentive and focused. Ask questions in class even if your classmates think you are acting silly or too thorough. This is your academic motivation goal and not theirs.

If you follow the crowd and overextend yourself with a lot of late night parties and wait until the last minute to study or do a paper, then the results you get will be indicative of your irresponsibility in the first place.

The saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” holds true and you can make it work for you by finding academically smarter students than you are and flocking to them so you can learn how they study and what makes them succeed.

Take a lot of notes in class. If you have to miss a class for whatever reason, then get the notes from someone else. Review your notes before the next class and be sure to ask questions about those notes when you get to class.

Make appointments when necessary with your instructor to inquire about your progress and maybe how you can improve your GPA to get higher scores. Your instructors are always open to seeing your success because that is what educators do.

Friday, January 23, 2009

How Teeth Whitening is Done

At-Home Teeth Whitening

- First you need to go for tray fitting where a customized
impression is made of your upper and lower teeth. Then, for
a few hours everyday, you need to wear these customized
trays that are full of teeth whitening gel.

You need to do this for at least 3 days. The charges range
from free to less than $500.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

- You can choose from several different proprietary teeth
whitening processes. A teeth whitening gel is applied to
your teeth, usually Zoom, and a light is focused on it for
at least 1 hour or so.

The gel reacts with the light and thereby whitens the
teeth. Then, in another somewhat similar process, a teeth
whitening gel made from diluted hydrogen-peroxide is
applied to your teeth.

Then a blue light, called BriteSmile, is shone on it to
whiten the teeth. In another process, you can whiten your
teeth up to 10 shades using power light bleaching called

Some dentists claim that this also helps protect against
new stains, browning or yellowing of your teeth. This might
cost you upwards of $500.

Sometimes your teeth might become more sensitive for a
couple of days following a teeth whitening procedure.

Also, if your teeth have become yellow because you consume
excessive colas, red wine, tea or coffee then you might
notice perceptible differences in the shade of your teeth.

But if you have yellow teeth due to smoking or medications,
well, then the changes after your teeth whitening
procedures might not be so drastic.